Below are messages from 2010-2016.
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12/25/2016Christmas Means You're Included12/25Luke 2Ed Moss
12/18/2016Christmas Means God is With Us >12/18Luke 1Ed Moss
12/11/2016Christmas Means No Impossibilities12/11Luke 1:1-38Ed Moss
12/4/2016The Greatest Pursuit, part 2see 11/271 Cor 13Ed Moss
11/27/2016The Greatest Pursuit11/271 Cor. 13Ed Moss
11/20/2016 Forgiveness - 9AM servicen/aGuy Gruters, Ed Moss
11/20/2016Guy Gruters speaking at 10:30n/aGuy Gruters
11/13/2016Why Was My Brother Taken and What Can We Do?see 11/6Ed Moss
11/6/2016Why Was My Brother Taken?11/06Ed Moss
10/30/2016The Election: Who, What, Why and How to Choose10/30Ed Moss
10/23/2016Motivation for Missions (audio not available)10/23David Moss
10/16/2016Where Do I FIt? part 210/091 Cor. 12Ed Moss
10/9/2016Where Do I FIt?10/091 Cor. 12Ed Moss
10/2/2016Divinity, Wealth and Poverty, part 210/021 Cor. 11Ed Moss
09/25/2016Divinity, Wealth and Poverty09/251 Cor. 11Ed Moss
9/18/2016Divinity, Masculinity and Femininity09/181 Cor. 11Ed Moss
9/11/2016Please listen to message of 9/18Ed Moss
09/04/2016A Profitable Life, part 209/031 Cor. 10Ed Moss
08/27/2016A Profitable Life, part 1
08/21/2016Love Completes08/211 Cor. 9Ed Moss
8/14/2016Love Edifies08/141 Cor. 8Ed Moss
8/7/2016Undistracted Devotion, part 208/071 Cor. 7Ed Moss
7/31/2016Undistracted Devotion, part 107/311 Cor. 7Ed Moss
7/24/2016How to Sanctify Sex, part 207/241 Cor. 6:1-7:6 and Eph. 5Ed Moss
7/17/2016How to Sanctify Sex, part 107/171 Cor. 6:1-7:6Ed Moss
7/10/2016America's Favorite Verse...Uncensored!07/10Matt. 7:1-6Jonathon Jankovich
7/3/2016Spirit-filled Worship07/03Eph. 5:18-20Micah Sandowich
6/26/2016How and Why to Judge One Another06/261 Cor. 5Ed Moss
6/19/2016How to Be a Wise, Wealthy Leader, part 2 06/191 Cor. 4Ed Moss
6/12/2016How to Be a Wise, Wealthy Leader06/121 Cor. 2-3Ed Moss
6/5/2016How to Become Wise and Retire Wealthy06/051 Cor. 2Ed Moss
5/29/2016How to Boast05/291 Cor. 1Ed Moss
5/22/2016How to Have Great Relationships05/221 Cor. 1:1-25Ed Moss
5/15/2016Expectations in Transition, part 3 and Sainthood05/151 Cor. 1:1-3Ed Moss
5/8/2016Blueprint for Oneness, part 2 - See Feb 14 for part 105/08EphesiansEd Moss
5/1/2016Expectations in Transition, part 205/01Acts 18:18-19:10Ed Moss
4/24/2016Expectations in Transition, part 104/24Acts 18:18-19:10Ed Moss
4/17/2016Work and Rest04/172 Thes. 3:6-18Ed Moss
4/10/2016Dealing with Dysfunction, part 204/102 Thes. 3Ed Moss
4/3/2016Dealing with Dysfunction, part 1 04/032 Thes. 3Ed Moss
3/27/2016The Impact of the Resurrection (Easter Sunday)03/27Ed Moss
3/25/2016The Impact of the Cross (continued, Good Friday)see 3/20Ed Moss
3/20/2016The Impact of the Cross (Palm Sunday)03/20Ed Moss
3/13/2016In the Meantime - part 303/132 Thess. 2-3Ed Moss
3/6/2016In the Meantime - part 203/062 Thess. 2Ed Moss
2/28/2016Dr. Hormoz Shariat 1st Session - 9:00am  []n/aHormoz Shariat
2/28/2016Dr. Hormoz Shariat 2nd Session - 10:30am  []n/aHormoz Shariat
2/21/2016In the Meantime02/212 Thess. 2Ed Moss
2/14/2016Blueprint for Oneness (Valentine's Day Message)02/14Ed Moss
2/7/2016Don't Panic02/072 Thess. 2Ed Moss
1/31/2016Where is God When We Are Wrongly Accused and Abused ?- part 201/312 Thess. 1Ed Moss
1/24/2016Where is God When We Are Wrongly Accused and Abused?- part 1 01/242 Thess. 1Ed Moss
1/17/2016What Is Man?  (Sanctity of Life Sunday)01/17Ed Moss
1/10/2016Worship and Fasting Weekend - Sunday pt 1n/aVarious
1/10/2016Worship and Fasting Weekend - Sunday pt 2n/aVarious
1/9/2016Worship and Fasting Weekend - Saturdayn/aVarious
12/27/2015Descending into Membershipn/aEd Moss
12/24/2015The Humility of God (Christmas Eve)12/24Ed Moss
12/20/2015Immanueln/aEd Moss
12/13/2015Christmas: Christ's Response to Terrorism12/13Ed Moss
12/6/2015The 2nd War, pt 2 - Recovery from the Invisible Injuries of Guilt & Anger12/06Ed Moss
11/29/2015Missions Sundayn/avarious
11/22/2015Unconditional Thanksgiving11/22Wayne Bronkema
11/15/2015The 2nd War - Recovery from Invisible Injuries11/15Ed Moss
11/8/2015Secrets to the Kingdom of Heaven11/08Alan Waters
11/1/2015How to Help a Friend Who is Wrongly Accused and Abused11/01Ed Moss
10/25/2015The Exam - review of 1 Thessalonians10/251 Thess.Ed Moss
10/18/2015Life Together - continuedsee 10/111 Thess. 5Ed Moss
10/11/2015Life Together10/111 Thess. 5Ed Moss
10/4/2015Hope - part 210/041 Thess. 4-5Ed Moss
9/27/2015Hope09/271 Thess. 4Ed Moss
9/20/2015Aspirations and Hope09/201 Thess. 4Ed Moss
9/13/2015Worship 101: Mary's Song 09/13Luke 1:46-55Micah Sandowich
9/6/2015Holiness09/06Heb. 12Jonathon Jankovich
8/30/2015Aspirations - part 308/301 Thess. 4Ed Moss
8/23/2015Aspirations - part 208/231 Thess. 3-4Ed Moss
8/16/2015Vulnerability - part 2 and Aspirations08/161 Thess. 3-4Ed Moss
8/9/2015Motives - part 2 and Vulnerability08/091 Thess. 2-3Ed Moss
8/2/2015Motives - part 1 08/021 Thess. 2Ed Moss
7/26/2015Memories -07/261 Thess. 1Ed Moss
7/19/2015Answering and Overcoming Evil, Pain and Fear - part 2 07/19Acts 18Ed Moss
7/12/2015Answering and Overcoming Evil, Pain and Fear - part 2 07/12Acts 18Ed Moss
7/5/2015Stuff to Say to a Religious Friend Ignoring Science07/05Ed Moss
6/28/2015A Reasonable Faith06/28Acts 17David Moss
6/21/2015The Art of Persuasion06/21Acts 16-17Ed Moss
6/14/2015The Big Question for Liberators06/14Acts 16Ed Moss
6/7/2015Women's Liberation06/07Acts 16Ed Moss
5/31/2015How to Solve Issues05/31Acts 15Ed Moss
5/24/2015Truth, not Popularity05/24GalationsEd Moss
5/17/2015Men who Fight - part 205/17Gal. 5-6Ed Moss
5/10/2015Men who Fight - part 105/10Gal. 5-6Ed Moss
5/3/2015Stand and Fight -  part 2see 04/26Gal. 5Ed Moss
4/26/2015Stand and Fight - part 104/26Gal. 4-5Ed Moss
4/19/2015Live Free04/19Gal. 4Ed Moss
4/12/2015Good News..... The Evidence and The Equivalence04/12Gal. 3Ed Moss
4/5/2015Easter Radio - Resurrection Sunday (Easter)n/a
4/3/2015Easter Radio - Good Fridayn/a
4/2/2015Easter Radio -Thursdayn/a
3/31/2015Easter Radio -Tuesdayn/a
3/30/2015Easter Radio -Mondayn/a
3/29/2015Easter Radio - Palm Sundayn/a
3/22/2015Good News for Turkey, Terrorists and Today, part 4n/aGal. 2-3Ed Moss
3/15/2015Servant Sunday (Deacons)n/aGal. 1-2Ed Moss
3/8/2015Good News for Turkey, Terrorists and Today, part 303/08Gal. 1Ed Moss
3/1/2015Good News for Turkey, Terrorists and Today, part 2 03/01Gal. 1Ed Moss
2/22/2015Good News for Turkey, Terrorists and Today02/22Gal. 1Ed Moss
2/15/2015The Examined Life (overview of James)02/15JamesEd Moss
2/8/2015How to Interfere, Intervene, Interrupt, Intrude02/08James 5Ed Moss
2/1/2015How to Prepare for Life, part 2 02/01James 5Ed Moss
1/25/2015How to Prepare for Life01/25James 5Ed Moss
1/18/2015How to Prepare for Court01/18James 5Ed Moss
1/11/2015How Do You Do That?01/11Ed Moss
1/4/2015Give and Take01/04Ed Moss
12/28/2014Relational Wisdom for the Relationally Challenged - part 312/28James 4Ed Moss
12/24/2014Christmas Eve - Awana and CrossPointe Kidsn/aCrossPointe Kids
12/24/2014Christmas Eve - The Birth of Godn/aLuke 2Ed Moss
12/24/2014Christmas Eve - Christmas Story in the rest of the Biblen/aDavid Romberger
12/21/2014The Birth of Godn/aEd Moss
12/14/2014Relational Wisdom for the Relationally Challenged - part 212/14James 4Ed Moss
12/7/2014Relational Wisdom for the Relationally Challenged12/07James 3Ed Moss
11/30/2014Life, Death and the Tongue11/30James 3Ed Moss
11/23/2014Entitlement Faith vs Working Faith11/23James 2Ed Moss
11/16/2014Trust in the Lord11/16Rick Hamme
11/9/2014How to Behave When Christians Tick You Offn/aJonathon Jankovich
11/2/2014Guest Speaker (Josh Bolt from England)n/aJosh Bolt @ CPF
11/2/2014The Top 10 Evidences that You Are Loved  (audio not available)11/02Ed Moss @ beach
10/26/2014Faith  Works  Mercy - James 210/26James 2Ed Moss
10/19/2014Trials, Temptations and The Character of God part 2 10/19James 1Ed Moss
10/12/2014Trials, Temptations and The Character of God10/12James 1Ed Moss
10/5/2014Why Pain?10/05James 1Ed Moss
9/28/2014More Stuff that Exists09/28Acts 14-15Ed Moss
9/21/2014Stuff Exists09/21Acts 14Ed Moss
9/14/2014What to Do Around Insecure, Jealous, Bitter People09/14Acts 13-14Ed Moss
9/7/2014Set Apart for the Gospel of God (David & Natalie commissioning)09/07Ed Moss
8/31/2014Peril, Poshness and Prayer  08/31Acts 12Ed Moss
8/24/2014Peril, Poshness and Prayer - The Interviewn/aActs 11-12Ed & Missionaries
8/17/2014Peril or Poshness - part 108/17Acts 11-12Ed Moss
8/10/2014Fellowship with an Ex-terrorist and an Occupier08/10Acts 9-11Ed Moss
8/3/2014The Transformation of a Fed and a Terrorist08/03Acts 8-9Ed Moss
7/27/2014Conviction07/27Acts 8Ed Moss
7/20/2014A Message Worth Dying For07/20Acts 6-7David Moss
7/13/2014How to Reach Rock Bottom07/13Acts 6Ed Moss
7/6/2014The Qualifications of Greatness07/06Acts 6Ed Moss
6/29/2014Worthy to Suffer Shame06/29Acts 5Ed Moss
6/22/2014Commitment and Integrity with a Side of Encouragment 06/22Acts 4-5Wayne Bronkema
6/15/201424 - part 2  06/15Acts 4Ed Moss
6/8/201424   06/08Acts 3Ed Moss
6/1/2014The Making of a Community - Part 206/01Acts 2Ed Moss
5/25/2014The Making of a Community05/25Acts 2Ed Moss
5/18/2014The Making of a Leader - Part 205/18Acts 2Ed Moss
5/11/2014The Warrior Prince of Her Dreams (Mothers Day)05/11ColossiansEd Moss
5/4/2014The Making of a Leader05/04Acts 1Ed Moss
4/27/2014The Plan - part 204/27Acts 1Ed Moss
4/20/2014The One King and The One Thing04/20Ed Moss
4/18/2014The One Lamb and The One Thing   (Good Friday message)04/18Ed Moss
4/13/2014The One Priest and The One Thing04/13Ed Moss
4/6/2014The One Thingn/aLuke 10:42multiple
3/30/2014The Plan 03-30Acts 1-2Ed Moss
3/23/2014The Mission of God - part 2  (intro to Acts)03/23Ed & David Moss
3/16/2014The Mission of God - part 1 03/16Matt. 28David Moss
3/9/2014The Resurrection of God - part 203/09Matt. 27Ed Moss
3/2/2014The Resurrection of God03/02Matt. 27Ed Moss
2/23/2014Master's Commission Worship Team (n/a)n/a
2/16/2014The Death of God  - part 202/16Matt. 27Ed Moss
2/9/2014The Death of God02/09Matt. 27Ed Moss
2/2/2014The Trial of God, Phase 202/02Matt. 27Ed Moss
1/26/2014Mentor4Accessn/aRon Carraway
1/19/2014The Trial of God01/19Ed Moss
1/12/2014The Supremacy and Submission of God01/12Matt. 26-27Ed Moss
1/5/2014The Preparation of Prayer and the Pain of God - part 201/05Matt. 26Ed Moss
12/29/2013The Plots of Man and the Plans of God - part 112/29Matt. 26Ed Moss
12/22/2013God as a Common Man12/22Matt. 25Ed Moss
12/15/2013Radical Ramifications of Revelation12/15Matt. 24-25Ed Moss
12/8/2013Talents, Caprinae, and Trustworthiness 12/08Matt. 25Ed Moss
12/1/2013The Servant, Virgins and Assumptions12/01Matt. 24Ed Moss
11/24/2013How to Experience the Ecstasy of Thankfulness during the Agony of Tradedy - part 211/24Ed Moss
11/17/2013How to Experience the Ecstasy of Thankfulness during the Agony of Tradedy - part 111/17Ed Moss
11/10/2013The Fig Tree and the Flood11/10Matt. 24Ed Moss
11/3/2013Hated by All People Groups before Jesus Returns11/03Matt.24Ed Moss
10/27/2013Leadership and Servanthood - part 210/27Matt. 23Ed Moss
10/20/2013Leadership and Servanthood - What's the Difference? 10/20Matt. 23Ed Moss
10/13/2013The Unreachedn/aGreg A.
10/6/2013The Lamb and Leadership10/06Matt. 22Ed Moss
9/29/2013The Life of Love09/29Matt. 22:39Ed Moss
9/22/2013Priority 2 - part 2see 9/15Matt. 22:39Ed Moss
9/15/2013Priority 209/15Matt. 22:39Ed Moss
9/8/2013Courage - Patriot Day 201309/08Ed Moss
9/1/2013The Examination of the Lamb - part 309/01Matt. 22:15-40Ed Moss
8/25/2013The Examination of the Lamb - part 208/25Matt. 22:15-41Ed Moss
8/18/2013The Examination of the Lamb - part 108/18Matt. 22:15-42Ed Moss
8/11/2013Who Is This? part 408/11Matt. 20:29-22:15Ed Moss
8/4/2013Who Is This?  part 308/04Matt. 20:29-22:15Ed Moss
7/28/2013Who Is This?  part 207/28Matt. 20:29-22:15Ed Moss
7/21/2013Who Is This?  part 1n/aMatt. 20:29-22:15Ed Moss
7/14/2013Big Picture of Jesus07/14Wayne Bronkema
7/7/2013Investing Long Term - part 207/07Ed Moss
6/30/2013Investing Long Term06/30Ed Moss
6/23/2013How to Move from Last to First and Experience Victory over Envy as well06/23Matt. 19:13-20:28Ed Moss
6/16/2013Jesus and Manhood (Father's Day)06/16Ed Moss
6/9/2013Grace and Courtship - Singleness and Marriage06/09Matt. 19Ed Moss
6/2/2013Courtship Principles for Lifelong Oneness - Singleness and Marriage06/02Matt. 19Ed Moss
5/26/2013For the Sake of the Kingdom of Heaven - Singleness and Marriage05/26Matt. 19Ed Moss
5/19/2013The Way It Was - Singleness and Marriage05/19Matt. 19Ed Moss
5/12/2013Manning Up - What the Mothers of Our Children Needn/aEd Moss
5/5/2013Jonah and the Whale: not just a disobedient prophetn/aRon Carraway
4/28/2013A Celebration of Forgiveness (part 4 of Greatness...)04/28Ed Moss
4/21/2013Forgiven Forgivers - 2 (part 3 of Greatness....)see 4/14Ed Moss
4/14/2013Forgiven Forgivers (part 2 of Greatness....)04/14Ed Moss
4/7/2013Greatness and Great Relationships04/07Ed Moss
3/31/2013The Result (Easter 2013 part 3)n/aEd Moss
3/31/2013Because of the Resurrection (Easter Sunrise Service)n/aEd Moss
3/29/2013The Execution of God (Easter 2013 part 2)n/aEd Moss
3/24/2013Four Empires Collide (Easter 2013 part 1)n/aEd Moss
3/17/2013Plots, Plans and Politics (Easter 2013 prequel)n/aEd Moss
3/10/2013Re-abolish Slavery and Re-establish Dreamsn/aEd Moss
3/3/2013World Poverty and Wise Ministry - part 303/03Ed Moss
2/24/2013World Poverty and Wise Ministry - part 202/24Ed Moss
2/17/2013Persecution (Don't be Surprised)n/aRon Carraway
2/10/2013World Poverty and Wise Ministry - part 102/10Ed Moss
2/3/2013No More Tsk Tsk Hmmmmn/aJonathon Jankovich
1/27/2013The War on Women01/27Ed Moss
1/20/2013The Who, What, Why, Where and Hown/aRon Carraway
1/13/2013Working in Unreached Regionsn/aGreg
1/6/2013Finishing the Missionn/aEd Moss
12/30/2012Does It Really Matter?12/30Ed Moss
12/23/2012A Biblical Response to the Newtown Massacren/aEd Moss
12/16/2012Luke 1:4n/aEd Moss
12/9/2012A Tribute to Those of Whom the World Is Not Worthy - part 312/09Ed Moss
12/2/2012A Tribute to Those of Whom the World Is Not Worthy - part 212/02Ed Moss
11/25/2012A Tribute to Those of Whom the World Is Not Worthy - part 111/25Ed Moss
11/18/2012How to Be Thankful No Matter What11/18Ed Moss
11/11/2012How to Obtain a High Standing and Great Confidence - pt 2 (Deacons)11/11Ed Moss
11/4/2012How to Obtain a High Standing and Great Confidence (Deacons)11/04Ed Moss
10/28/2012Suffering and Glory   (continued)10/28Ed Moss
10/21/2012Suffering and Glory  10/21Matt. 16:13-17:13Ed Moss
10/14/2012Significance, Suffering and Glory 10/14Matt. 16:13-17:13Ed Moss
10/7/2012What's He Up To? and Who Is He?  (continued)see 9/30Matt. 15:29-16:28Ed Moss
9/30/2012What's He Up To? and Who Is He?09/30Matt. 15:29-16:28Ed Moss
9/23/2012Kingdom Counter-Culture - part 2 noneMatt. 1-15Ed Moss
9/16/2012Have You Met MY JESUS?09/16R. Carraway
9/9/2012Jonathon Jankovich is the Reason America is in Such a Messn/aJ. Jankovich
9/2/2012Kingdom Counter-Culture - part 1 n/aMatt. 1-15Ed Moss
8/26/2012Grace to You and Peace  08/26ColossiansEd Moss
8/19/2012Making the Most of the Opportunity08/19 Ed Moss
8/12/2012The Heart of a Disciple part 2see 08/05Ed Moss
8/5/2012The Heart of a Disciple  part 108/05Ed Moss
7/29/2012Know Jesus, Know God 07/29W. Bronkema
7/22/2012Be the Man - part 5 see 6/17Col. 3-4Ed Moss
7/15/2012Be the Man - part 4 see 6/17Col. 3-4Ed Moss
7/8/2012Be the Man - part 3 see 6/17Col. 3-4Ed Moss
7/1/2012Be the Man - part 2 see 6/17Col. 3-4Ed Moss
6/24/2012Husband and Wife n/aEph. 5:22-23J.Jankovich
6/17/2012Be the Man - part 1  (Father's Day)06/17Col. 3-4Ed Moss
6/10/2012The Heart of the Matter - part 2 06-10Matt. 15Ed Moss
6/3/2012The Heart of the Matter 06/03Matt. 14-15Ed Moss
5/27/2012Compassion and Storms 05/27Matt. 14Ed Moss
5/20/2012Judgment, Compassion and Storms 05-20Matt. 13-14Ed Moss
5/13/2012Mother's Dayn/aBob Allen
5/6/2012Servanthood and Social Issues series pt 3 - So What Do You Really Think?05/06Ed Moss
4/29/2012Servanthood and Social Issues series pt 2 - Three Guiding Priorities04/29Ed Moss
4/22/2012Servanthood and Social Issues series pt 1 - Outreach Plan04/22Ed Moss
4/15/2012Unshakable - pt 4 (Easter Series - conclusion)04/15Ed Moss
4/8/2012Unshakable - pt 3 (Easter Series - Easter Sunday)04/08Ed Moss
4/6/2012Unshakable - pt 2 (Easter Series - Good Friday)04/06Ed Moss
4/1/2012Unshakable - pt 1 (Easter Series - Palm Sunday)04/01Ed Moss
3/25/2012Expectations - pt 2 03/25Matt. 13Ed Moss
3/18/2012Expectations 03-18Matt. 13Ed Moss
3/11/2012The Real Picture Behind the Truth03/11Matt. 13Ed Moss
3/4/2012A Nine Chapter Discipleship Test (review)  Pt 2see 02/26Matt. 4-12Ed Moss
2/26/2012A Nine Chapter Discipleship Test ( review)  Pt 102/26Matt. 4-12Ed Moss
2/19/2012Song of the Soul Winnern/aBob Allen
2/12/2012Bitterness Free Living - pt 202-12Ed Moss
2/5/2012Bitterness Free Living - pt 102/05Ed Moss
1/29/2012Guilt Free Living01/29Ed Moss
1/22/2012The Sanctity of Every Human Life01/22Ed Moss
1/15/2012Leadership from the Bottom01/15Ed Moss
1/8/2012How to Grow and Go - part 1 of The Plan for 201201/08Ed Moss
1/1/201221 Reasons Jesus Came (#12-21)01/01Ed Moss
12/25/201121 Reasons Jesus Came (#9-11)see 01/01Ed Moss
12/18/201121 Reasons Jesus Came (#1-8)12/18Ed Moss
12/11/2011Compassion or Ceremony? (Matt 12)12/11Matt. 12Ed Moss
12/4/2011The Greatest and the Worst (Matt 11)12/04Matt. 11Ed Moss
11/27/2011Greatness (Matt 11)11/27Matt. 11Ed Moss
11/20/2011How to Experience Joy and Thanksgiving  (Philippians)11/20PhillipiansEd Moss
11/13/2011Sheep in the Midst of Wolves - pt. 2  (Matt. 10)11/13Matt. 10Ed Moss
11/6/2011Sheep in the Midst of Wolves - pt. 1  (Matt. 10)see 11/13Matt. 10Ed Moss
10/30/2011A Few Average Men (Matt. 10)10/30Matt. 10Ed Moss
10/23/2011He Can't Be Contained (Matt. 9-10)10/23Matt. 9-10Ed Moss
10/16/2011Compassionate Sovereignty part 4 (Matt. 8-9)10/16Matt. 8-9Ed Moss
10/9/2011Compassionate Sovereignty part 3 (Matt. 8-9)10/09Matt. 8-9Ed Moss
10/2/2011Compassionate Sovereignty part 2 (Matt. 8-9)10/02Matt. 8-9Ed Moss
9/25/2011Compassionate Sovereignty (Matt. 8-9)09/25Matt. 8-9Ed Moss
9/18/2011The Decision (Matt. 7:13-29)09/18Matt. 7:13-29Ed Moss
9/11/2011A Biblical Response to Terrorism09/11Ed Moss
9/4/2011Assumptions- part 2 (Matt. 7:1-12)see 08/21Matt. 7:1-12Ed Moss
8/28/2011Escape or Return?  (Matt. 5-7, Current US Experience)08/28Matt. 5-7Ed Moss
8/21/2011Assumptions (Matt. 7:1-12)08/21Matt. 7:1-12Ed Moss
8/14/2011The Wrong End of the Telescope08/14Brad Lowery
8/7/2011What Are You Called to Do?08/07Wayne Bronkema
7/31/2011Stashing, Worrying or Investing (Matt. 6:19-34)07/31Matt. 6:19-34 Ed Moss
7/24/2011Be Real; Talk to God (Matt. 6:1-18)07/24Matt. 6:1-18 Ed Moss
7/17/2011What Are You Doing More Than Others? (Matt 5:38-48)07/17Matt. 5:38-48 Ed Moss
7/10/2011Titus 2:11-15 (Grace)07/10Titus 2:11-15 Jonathon Jankovich
7/3/2011A Biblically Balanced Life - part 5 (of 5)see 06/05 Ed Moss
6/26/2011A Biblically Balanced Life - part 4see 06/05 Ed Moss
6/19/2011A Biblically Balanced Life - part 3see 06/05 Ed Moss
6/12/2011A Biblically Balanced Life - part 2see 06/05 Ed Moss
6/5/2011A Biblically Balanced Life - part 106/05 Ed Moss
5/29/2011Is Everyone Comfortable? n/a Ron Carraway
5/22/2011Fidelity and the Credibility Gap (Matt. 5:27-37) n/aMatt. 5:27-37 Ed Moss
5/15/2011Beach Preparation through Amputation Contemplation n/aMatt. 5:27-37 Ed Moss
5/8/2011A Tribute to Mothers 05/08 Ed Moss
5/1/2011The Conquest Continues Today (Easter)n/a Ed Moss
4/24/2011The Conquest Continues (Easter) 04/22 Ed Moss
4/22/2011The Conquest and the Cross (Easter) 04/22 Ed Moss
4/17/2011The Impending Conquest (Easter) n/a Ed Moss
4/10/2011How to Restore Two Families and Their Communityn/a Ed Moss
4/3/2011How to Tame the Temper, part 2 (Matt. 5:17-26) 04/03Matt. 5:17-26 Ed Moss
3/27/2011How to Tame the Temper, part 1 (Matt. 5:17-26)03/27Matt. 5:17-26 Ed Moss
3/20/2011Character, Influence and Conviction (Matt. 5:1-20)03/20Matt. 5:1-20 Ed Moss
3/13/2011Evidence of God's Favor, part 5 (Matt. 5:1-12)03/13Matt. 5:1-12 Ed Moss
3/6/2011Evidence of God's Favor, part 4 (Matt. 5:1-12)03/06Matt. 5:1-12 Ed Moss
2/27/2011Evidence of God's Favor, part 3 (Matt. 5:1-12)02/27Matt. 5:1-12 Ed Moss
2/20/2011Guest Speaker - Missionsn/a Ron Carraway
2/13/2011Evidence of God's Favor, part 2 (Matt. 5:1-12)n/aMatt. 5:1-12 Ed Moss
2/6/2011Evidence of God's Favor, part 1 (Matt. 5:1-12)02/06Matt. 5:1-12 Ed Moss
12/26/2010Good News of Great Joy for All People  (Christmas #3)12/26Ed Moss
12/19/2010The Horn part 2   (Christmas #2)12/19Ed Moss
12/12/2010The Horn   (Christmas #1)Ed Moss
12/5/2010Thankfulness in Recession      Thanksgiving part 312/05Ed Moss
11/28/2010The Key to Vitality - part 2       Thanksgiving part 211/28Ed Moss
11/21/2010The Key to Vitality                    Thanksgiving  part 1see 11/28Ed Moss
11/14/2010Live the Mission11/14Ed Moss
11/7/2010How to Love One Another           What Does Love Do...   part 311/07Ed Moss
10/31/2010The Courage to Talk About It        What Does Love Do....   part 210/31Ed Moss
10/24/2010What Does Love Do When a Brother Sins?  10/24Ed Moss
10/17/2010Freedom - part 210/17Ed Moss
10/10/2010Freedom10/10Ed Moss
10/3/2010The Power of Grace10/03Ed Moss
9/26/2010The Power of Edification09/26Ed Moss
9/19/2010The Power of Words09/19Ed Moss
9/12/2010Develop an Attitude09/12Ed Moss
9/5/2010A Celebration of Love and Unity with Other Sinful, Confused, Irritating, Opinionated Christians who Differ with Each Other on Important Stuff09/05Ed Moss
8/29/2010(Free to be Me)  How to Enjoy the Fullness of Love and Unity with Other Sinful, Confused, Irritating, Opinionated Christians who Differ with Each Other on Important Stuffsee 08/22Ed Moss
8/22/2010How to Enjoy the Fullness of Love and Unity with Other Sinful, Confused, Irritating, Opinionated Christians who Differ with Each Other on Important Stuff08/22Ed Moss
8/15/2010How to Know, Love and Honor God08/15Ed Moss
8/8/2010Drawing Near   part 2see 08/01Ed Moss
8/1/2010Drawing Near with Confidence to a Consuming Fire08/01Ed Moss
7/18/2010Priorities07/18Ed Moss
6/20/201006/20Ed Moss