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DateAudio MessageSermon GuideReferenceSpeaker
09/24/2023Occupy Until He ComesnoneLuke 19:11-27Edward Amaya
09/17/2023I Am Convinced that He Is Able09/17/232 Tim. 1Ed Moss
09/10/2023Fire Up the Gift of God, part 209/10/232 Tim. 1Ed Moss
09/03/2023Fire Up the Gift of God09/03/232 Tim. 1Ed Moss
08/27/2023Learning to Do Good08/27/23Titus 3Steve Petitt
08/20/2023Saved and Instructed by Grace, part 208/20/23Titus 2-3Ed Moss
08/13/2023Saved and Instructed by Grace08/13/23Titus 2-3Ed Moss
08/06/2023Family Life08/06/23Titus 2Ed Moss
07/30/2023Qualities Required - continuedsee 7/23Titus 1 Ed Moss
07/23/2023Qualities Required in a Society of Liars, Evil Beasts and Lazy Gluttons07/23/23Titus 1Ed Moss
07/16/2023The Security of True Hopenone this week1 Thess. 4:13-5:11Vince Hogue
07/09/2023How to Grow and Change for Christ07/09/23Eph. 4:20-32Ken Long
07/02/2023How to Lead (a Review of 1 Timothy)07/02/231 TimothyEd Moss
06/25/2023Industriousness with Contentment, continued06/25/231 Tim 6Ed Moss
06/18/2023Industriousness with Contentment06/18/231 Tim 6Ed Moss
06/11/2023Who is Jesus?in bulletin1 John 1:1-4David Romberger
06/04/2023How to Honor Our Family06/04/231 Timothy 5Ed Moss
05/28/2023How to Ensure Salvation for both You and Your Family05/28/231 Tim 4:11-16Ed Moss
05/21/2023A Good Servant of Jesus05/21/231 Tim 4:1-10David Moss
05/14/2023What to Give that Special Lady (Mother's Day)05/14/23multipleEd Moss
05/07/2023A Healthy Body (Life Groups)05/07/23multipleEd Moss
04/30/2023That We May Be One (Persecuted Church)04/30/23multipleEd Moss
04/30/2023Persecuted Church Team PresentationnonePersecuted Church Team
04/23/2023The Mystery of Godliness04/23/231 Tim 3:15-4:5Ed Moss
04/16/2023That You May Believe, part 4 (Resurrection Life)04/16/23JohnEd Moss
04/09/2023That You May Believe, part 3 (Resurrection Sunday)04/09/23JohnEd Moss
04/07/2023That You May Believe, part 2 (Good Friday)04/07/23JohnEd Moss
04/02/2023That You May Believe, part 1 (Palm Sunday)04/02/23JohnEd Moss
03/26/2023The Dream Team, part 503/26/231 Tim 3:8-16Ed Moss
03/19/2023The Dream Team, part 403/19/231 Tim 3:8-16Ed Moss
03/12/2023The Dream Team, part 303/12/231 Tim 3:1-7Ed Moss
03/05/2023The Dream Team, part 2 03/05/231 Tim 3:1-7Ed Moss
02/26/2023The Dream Team, part 102/26/231 Tim 5Ed Moss
02/19/2023How to Live a Tranquil and Quiet Life in Godliness and Dignity (part 2)02/19/231 Tim 2:9-15Ed Moss
02/12/2023How to Live a Tranquil and Quiet Life in Godliness and Dignity02/12/231 Tim 2:1-15Ed Moss
02/05/2023How to Pray and What to Expect02/05/231 Tim 2:1-8
Ed Moss
01/29/2023How to Fight and Pray, part 301/29/231 Tim 1:18-20Ed Moss
01/22/2023How to Fight and Pray, part 201/22/231 Tim 1Ed Moss
01/15/2023How to Fight to Win01/15/231 Tim 1Ed Moss
01/08/2023How to Fight and Pray01/08/231 Tim 1Ed Moss
01/01/2023The Rest of the Story and Foreshadowing of 202301/01/23Ed Moss
12/25/2022The Christmas Story (Christmas Day 2022)No notes for this serviceThe Christmas StoryWayne Bronkema
12/24/2022The Christmas Story (Christmas Eve 2022)No notes for this serviceThe Christmas StoryEd Moss and more
12/18/2022Christ Jesus Came into the World to Save Sinners (part 2)12/18/221 Tim. 1:12-16Ed Moss
12/11/2022Christ Jesus Came into the World to Save Sinners (part 1)12/11/221 Tim. 1:1-11Ed Moss
12/04/2022The Goal - 1 Tim 1:1-7, part 212/04/221 Tim. 1:1-7Ed Moss
11/27/2022The Goal11/27/22I Tim. 1:1-7Ed Moss

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