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05/15/2022Walking through the Challenges of Life, part 1, with the Father05/15/22Col. 1Ed Moss
05/08/2022 sGood and Profitable for the Family05/08/22Titus 2-3Wayne Bronkema
05/08/2022 kKing Solomon's Example in Honoring his Motherfor kids1 King 19Wayne Bronkema
05/01/2022The Goals of a Godly Mother05/01/22Col. 1:1-6Ed Moss
04/24/2022How to be a Resurrected Witness04/24/22see sermon guideEd Moss
04/17/2022Our Deliverer and Redeemer - The Exaltation04/17/22Col. 1:13-14Ed Moss
04/15/2022Our Deliverer and Redeemer - The Victory04/15/22Col. 1:13-14Ed Moss
04/10/2022Our Deliverer and Redeemer - The Journey04/10/22Colossians 1:13-23Ed Moss
04/03/2022Big Lines and Big Ideas - Philippians Review04/30/22PhilippiansEd Moss
03/27/2022Adding Contentment to Peace and Joy, part 403/27/22Phil. 4:18-23Ed Moss
03/20/2022Adding Contentment to Peace and Joy, part 303/20/22Phil. 4:10-17Ed Moss
03/13/2022Adding Contentment to Peace and Joy, part 203/13/22Phil. 4:6-13Ed Moss
03/06/2022Adding Contentment to Peace and Joy03/06/22Phil. 4:6-13Ed Moss
02/27/2022Ukraine and RussiaNoneEd Moss
02/20/2022Adding Peace to Joy02/20/22Phil. 4Ed Moss
02/13/2022Aim High with Confidence, part 502/13/22Phil. 3Ed Moss
02/06/2022Aim High with Confidence, part 402/06/22Phil. 3Ed Moss
01/30/2022Aim High with Confidence, part 301/30/22Phil. 3Ed Moss
01/23/2022Aim High with Confidence, part 201/23/22Phil. 3Ed Moss
01/16/2022Aim High with Confidence, part 101/16/22Phil. 3:2Ed Moss
01/09/2022How to enJOY 2022 - No Matter What, part 301/09/22Phil. 2, Phil. 3Ed Moss
01/02/2022How to enJOY 2022 - No Matter What, continued01/02/22Phil. 2Ed Moss
12/26/2021How to enJOY 2022 - No Matter What12/26/21Phil. 2Ed Moss
12/19/2021How to enJOY Christmas - No Matter What12/19/21Phil. 2Ed Moss
12/05/2021How to enJOY Life, part 212/05/21Phil. 1Ed Moss
11/28/2021How to enJOY Life, part 111/28/21Phil. 1:12-21Ed Moss
11/21/2021How to Celebrate Thanksgiving11/21/21Phil. 1:1-11Ed Moss
11/14/2021Joyful Thankfulness and Discerning Love11/14/21Phil. 1:1-8Ed Moss

If you have questions concerning anything you hear, please contact us.
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