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DateMessage NotesReferenceSpeaker
11/28/2021How to enJOY Life, part 1
11/282/21Phil. 1:12-21Ed Moss
11/21/2021How to Celebrate Thanksgiving
11/21/2021Phil. 1:1-11Ed Moss
11/14/2021Joyful Thankfulness and Discerning Love
11/14/2021Phil. 1:1-8Ed Moss
11/07/2021Truth and Life
11/07/2021EphesiansEd Moss
10/31/2021Our New Life Together
10/31/21Eph 6:18-24Ed Moss
10/24/2021Your New Life: War and Worship, part 3
10/24/21Eph 6:10-18Ed Moss
10/17/2021Your New Life: War and Worship, part 2
10/17/21Eph 6:10-18Ed Moss
10/10/2021Your New Life: War and Worship, part 1
10/10/21Eph. 6:10-18Ed Moss
10/03/2021Your New Life: Work, War and Worship, part 2
see 9/26Eph. 6Ed Moss
09/26/2021Your New Life: Work, War and Worship
09/26/2021Eph. 6Ed Moss
09/19/2021Your New Life, part 13
09/19/21Eph. 6Ed Moss
09/12/2021Remember (a 9/11 message)
nonevariousEd Moss
09/05/2021Your New Life, part 12
09/05/21Eph. 6Ed Moss
08/29/2021Your New Life, part 11
08/29/21Eph. 6Ed Moss
08/22/2021Your New Life, part 10
08/22/21Eph. 6:1-3Ed Moss
08/15/2021Your New Life, part 9
08/15/21Eph. 5Ed Moss
08/08/2021Your New Life, part 8
08/08/21Eph. 5Ed Moss
08/01/2021Your New Life, part 7
08/01/21Eph. 5Ed Moss
07/25/2021Your New Life, part 6
07/25/2021Eph 5Ed Moss
07/18/2021We Want You (to be involved)
noneSteve DeWitt
07/11/2021Your New Life, part 5
07/11/2021Eph 5:1-17Ed Moss
07/04/2021Your New Life, part 4
07/04/2021Eph. 4:17-5:18Ed Moss
06/27/2021Your New Life, part 3
06/27/21Eph 4:17-5:11Ed Moss
06/20/2021Your New Life, part 2
06/20/21Eph. 4:17-31Ed Moss
06/13/2021Your New Life
06/13/21Eph. 4:17-23Ed Moss
06/06/2021How to Be You, part 2
06/06/21Eph. 4:17-32Ed Moss
05/30/2021How to Be You
>05/30/21Eph 4:11-24Ed Moss
05/23/2021You Are Gifted and Needed, part 2
05/23/21Eph 4Ed Moss
05/16/2021You Are Gifted and Needed
05/16/21Ephesians 4Ed Moss
05/09/2021A Mother's Day Manual
05/09/21EphesiansEd Moss
05/02/2021The Relevance of the Resurrection, pt 5 - Gifts of Our Conquering King
05/02/21variousEd Moss
04/25/2021The Relevance of the Resurrection, pt 4 - Even More Resurrection Confidence
04/25/21John 21Ed Moss
04/18/2021The Relevance of the Resurrection, pt 3 - More Resurrection Confidence
04/18/2021John 20Ed Moss
04/11/2021The Relevance of the Resurrection, pt 2 - Resurrection Confidence
04/11/21Matt 20, John 20Ed Moss
04/04/2021The Relevance of the Resurrection
04/04/21Ed Moss
04/04/2021Sunrise Service 2021
2021_ SunriseSunrise ServiceEd Moss
04/02/2021The Relevance of the Cross
04/02/21Ed Moss
03/28/2021The Relevance of Palm Sunday
03/28/21Ed Moss
03/21/2021Worthy of Imprisonment and Death
03/21/2021Eph. 4Ed Moss
03/14/2021Exceeding Abundantly Beyond All that We Ask or Think
03/14/21Eph. 3Ed Moss
03/07/2021Built Together into a Dwelling of God, part 2
03/07/21Eph. 2-3Ed Moss
02/28/2021Built Together into a Dwelling of God
02/28/21Eph. 2Ed Moss
02/21/21Eph. 2Ed Moss
02/14/2021The Gift of the Knowledge of God
02/14/21Eph. 1Ed Moss
02/07/2021Always Been and Forever Will Be Blessed, part 2
02/07/21Eph. 1Ed Moss
01/31/2021Always Been and Forever Will Be Blessed, part 1
01/31/21Eph. 1Ed Moss
01/24/2021Filled Up to All the Fulness of God
01/24/21Eph 3:13Ed Moss
01/17/2021We Gotta Do Something: A Manual for 2021
01/17/211 PeterEd Moss
01/10/2021We Gotta Do Something - part 1
01/10/211 PeterEd Moss
01/03/21Biblical EssentialsEd Moss

If you have questions concerning anything you hear, please contact us!
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