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Contact a staff member or CPF leader directly or you may use the form at the bottom of the page and we will forward it appropriately.  Click on a person’s name to email.   (If you don’t see who you’re looking for, keep scrolling.)  Staff members numbers are cell: feel free to text or call.

CPF Staff

Church Office941-778-0719Office Landline
Ed Moss941-219-9211Lead Teaching Elder (Pastor)
Wayne Bronkema941-932-5872Discipleship Elder (Pastor)
Sandy Watts941-702-3722Office Manager


Ed Moss941-219-9211
Wayne Bronkema941-932-5872
David Romberger941-778-9315 (winter)
Ron Carraway407-415-5281


Marion Duncan941-741-5783
Bob Ballew941-792-3763
John DiMola941-718-5932
Jimi Ippolito813-361-2470
Ed Schultz941-243-3079
Terry Lunsford941-313-4728

Church Council

Fuzz Meneley941-778-4550 President
Marion Duncan941-778-1589Vice President, Deacon Chairman
Shirley Romberger941-778-9315  Secretary
Ben ten Haaf941-773-3878Treasurer, Moderator
Wayne Bronkema941-932-5872 Adult Discipleship
Tom Forrest941-705-8147Stewardship
Mack Morton215-478-4150Persecuted Church
Diane Nosal941-807-2411Member Services
Ed Schultz941-243-3079Facilities
Charlie Wilmore765-265-0401 Missions
Russ Brier315-521-3376Music

Life Group Leaders

SUNDAY Life Groups
Wayne Bronkema941-932-5872Sunday Coed
David Romberger941-778-9315Sunday Coed
Stoney Stone770-235-2127Sunday Coed
Benita Saldutti941-374-1101 Sunday Ladies
Ed Moss941-219-9211Sunday Young Adults
Lois Swineford304-276-8719Sunday Youth
Cindy Fletcher941-778-7489 Older Kids (grades 2-4)
Keren ten Haaf941-405-7698Younger Kids (4 years-old - 1st grade )
Karen Moss941-219-9651 Nursery Life Group (Babies-3 years)
Ed Moss941-219-9211Wednesday Morning Men
Shirley Romberger941-524-0123Wednesday Women
Joyce Alvarez813-830-8853 Wednesday Women
Sue DeForest609-468-1214Thursday Women
Marcy Morton215-837-4161Thursday Women
Howard & Bendy Payne941-779-1997Thursday Evening Adults
Robbie Leech941-357-0165 Friday Morning Ladies
David & Shirley Romberger941-778-9315Sermons Explored
Ed & Karen Moss941-219-9211Friday Adults

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