Dear Nursery Workers and Kids’ Sunday Life Group Helpers,

THANK YOU for serving in this ministry! The table below can be sorted by any column. The default is by date.  To help in the fight to keep bots from grabbing your phone number (from us, anyway), please use your church directory for contact information.

You can also contact Sandy for that information or for an updated church directory.  Help us recruit new helpers for these classes!  Please spread the word among your Life Groups that it’s a great way to serve the Lord at CPF.  The more workers we have, the easier it is on everyone!  Thank you again for helping keep our children safe!

12/04/22Morgan Skipper
Lois Ann Swineford
Nursery (LG)12/04/22Karen Moss
PreK-K12/04/22Olivia Alvarez
Grades 1-212/04/22Chanel Turner
Grades 3-512/04/22Erin Dellenger
12/11/22Debbie Moss
Tanya DeWitt
Nursery (LG)12/11/22Karen Moss
PreK-K12/11/22Jenny Daugherty
Grades 1-212/11/22Savilla Banister
Grades 3-512/11/22Shirley Romberger
12/18/22Debbie Finch
Cindy Wedel
Nursery (LG)12/18/22Karen Moss
PreK-K12/18/22Carla Ballew
Grades 1-212/18/22Missy Rubin
Grades 3-512/18/22Scott Rubin
12/25/22"Family Service"
Nursery should not be needed,
but we will have someone available if it is.
Nursery (LG)12/25/22No Life Groups
PreK-K12/25/22No Life Groups
Grades 1-212/25/22No Life Groups
Grades 3-512/25/22No Life Groups