Below are messages from 2017-2018.  Messages from 2010-2016 maybe be found here and current (2019) messages are here.

DateMessage NotesReferenceSpeaker
12/30/18New LIFE Resolutions
12/30/18Col 3:1-16Wayne Bronkema
12/24/18Christmas Eve Service 2018
12/24/18Christmas CPF Family
12/23/18And That’s What Christmas Is All About
Not recorded due to technical difficulties
12/23/18John 1, Matt 1,
Luke 1
Ed Moss
12/16/18How to Be Overwhelming Conquerors in All Circumstances, part 5
12/16/18Rom 8Ed Moss
12/09/18How to Be Overwhelming Conquerors in All Circumstances, Part 4
12/09/18Rom 8Ed Moss
12/02/18How to Be Overwhelming Conquerors in All Circumstances,
part 3
12/02/18Rom 8Ed Moss
11/25/18The Missionary Heart of the Apostle Paul
Rom 8:28Ron Carraway
11/18/18How to Be Overwhelming Conquerors in All Circumstances, part 2
11/18/18Rom 8Ed Moss
11/11/18How to Be Overwhelming Conquerors in All Circumstances, part 1
11/11/18Rom 8Ed Moss
11/04/18The Normal War, part 4
11/04/18Rom 8Ed Moss
10/28/18Expectations for the Normal War, part 3
10/28/18Rom 7-8Ed Moss
10/21/18Expectations for the Normal War, part 2
Not recorded due to power failure
10/21/18Rom 7Ed Moss
10/14/18Expectations for the Normal War
10/14/18Rom 6Ed Moss
10/07/18Newness of Life
10/07/18Rom 6Ed Moss
09/30/18Newness of Life
09/30/18Rom 6Ed Moss
09/23/18Peace with God through One Man, continued
09/23/18Rom 5Ed Moss
09/16/18Peace with God through One Man
09/16/18Romans 5Ed Moss
09/09/18Peace with God, pt 2
09/09/18Rom 5:1-11Ed Moss
09/02/18Peace with God
09/02/18Rom 5Ed Moss
08/26/18Faith in the God Who Justifies the Ungodly, part 2
08/26/18Rom 3-4Ed Moss
08/19/18Faith in the God Who Justifies the Ungodly
08/19/18Rom. 3:19-4:5Ed Moss
08/12/18Some Objections and The Truth
08/12/18Rom 3Ed Moss
08/05/18What the Guy at the Top of the Pile Needs
08/05/18Romans 2Ed Moss
nonemanyEd Moss
07/22/18Two Ways
07/22/18Rom 2Ed Moss
07/15/18Left to Ourselves, part 2
07/15/18Rom 1Ed Moss
07/08/18Left to Ourselves
07/08/18Rom. 1Ed Moss
07/01/18The Great CoMISSION
07/01/18Matthew 28:18-20Bryan Shanks
06/24/18A Man and His World, part 2
06/24/18Romans 1Ed Moss
06/17/18A Man and His World
06/17/18Rom 1Ed Moss
06/10/18Ed Moss
06/03/18May The Trinity Be With You
06/03/182 Cor 13:7-14Ed Moss
05/27/18The Evidence of Christ Within
05/27/182 Cor. 13Ed Moss
05/20/18How to Honor and Celebrate Our Ladies, part 2
05/20/18Ed Moss
05/13/18How to Honor and Celebrate Our Ladies
05/13/18Ed Moss
05/06/18Why Should I Trust You?
05/06/182 Cor 12Ed Moss
04/29/18How to Boast
04/29/182 Cor 11-12Ed Moss
04/22/18What We Really Think and How to Boast
04/22/182 Cor 10-12Ed Moss
04/15/18What We Really Think, part 3
04/15/182 Cor 10-11Ed Moss
04/08/18The Birth of the Church
no notesActs 2Global Serve - Greg
04/01/18He is Risen!
04/01/18Luke 24Ed Moss
03/30/18Good Friday
03/30/18Isaiah 53Jonathon Jankovich
03/25/18The Humble Sovereign King
03/25/18Luke 18:31-19:48Ed Moss
03/18/18What We Really Think, part 2
03/18/182 Cor. 10Ed Moss
03/11/18What We Really Think, part 1
03/11/182 Cor 10Ed Moss
03/04/18The Grace of God, part 4
03/04/182 Cor 8-9Ed Moss
02/25/18The Grace of God, part 3
02/25/182 Cor 8-9Ed Moss
02/18/18The Grace of God, part 2
02-18-182 Cor 8-9Ed Moss
02/11/18The Grace of God, part 1
02/11/182 Cor 8-9Ed Moss
02/04/18How to Work Together with God, part 3
02/04/182 Cor 7:8-12Ed Moss
01/28/18How to Work Together with God, part 2
01/28/182 Cor 6-7Ed Moss
01/21/18How to Work Together with God, part 1
01/21/182 Cor 6-7Ed Moss
01/14/18There Are No Three Easy Steps
01/14/182 Cor 6Jonathon Jankovich
01/07/182 Cor 5:11-6:2Wayne Bronkema
12/31/17Why 2018
Did not record 🙁
12/312 Cor 5:11-17Ed Moss
12/24/17The Wonder and Gifts of Christmas
12/24John 1Ed Moss
12/17/17Our Future, part 2
12/172 Cor. 5Ed Moss
12/10/17Our Future
12/102 Cor 5Ed Moss
12/03/17Welcome to a Triumphant Ministry, part 2
12/032 Cor 4Ed Moss
11/26/17Welcome to a Triumphant Ministry!
11/262 Cor 4Ed Moss
11/22/17A.I.D. Thanksgiving Service - Message
11/22Ed Moss
11/19/17How to Experience Triumph
11/192 Cor. 4Ed Moss
11/12/17How to Experience Joy and Triumph
2 Cor. 2Ed Moss
11/05/17How to Experience Affliction, Joy, and Triumph(did not record)Ed Moss
10/29/17The Always and Forever Good News
10/29Eph. 2:1-10Jonathon Jankovich
10/22/17How to Experience Affliction, part 3
10/222 Cor. 1Ed Moss
10/15/17How to Experience Affliction, part 2
10/152 Cor 1Ed Moss
10/08/17How to Experience Affliction
10/08Acts 19Ed Moss
10/01/17God's Call Regarding Hurricane Irma, part 3
10/011 Cor. 16Ed Moss
09/24/17God's Call Regarding Hurricane Irma, part 2
09/241 Cor. 16Ed Moss
09/17/17God's Call Regarding Hurricane Irma
09/171 Cor. 16Ed Moss
09/10/17No Service due to Hurricane Irma
09/03/17How the Immortal, Glorious and Victorious Live
09/031 Cor. 16Ed Moss
08/27/17How the Immortal, Glorious and Victorious Invest
08-271 Cor 16Ed Moss
08/20/17Immortal, Glorious and Victorious - part 3
08/201 Cor 15Ed Moss
08/13/17Immortal, Glorious and Victorious - part 2
08/131 Cor. 15Ed Moss
08/06/17Immortal, Glorious, and Victorious
08/061 Cor 15Ed Moss
07/23/17Good News!
07/231 Cor. 15:1-11Ed Moss
07/16/17The Greater Danger for Jesus Followers and the Greatest News
07/161 Cor. 14-15Ed Moss
07/09/17Pursuits, Desires, and Profitability
07/091 Cor. 14Ed Moss
07/02/17How Can I Profit You?
07-021 Cor. 14Ed Moss
06/25/17An Audience of (Way More Than) One
06/251 CorinthiansEd Moss
06/18/17Dear Dad
06/18John 17Jonathon Jankovich
06/11/17How to Prepare to Help a Friend, part 2
06/11Ed Moss
06/04/17Pentecost, the Unreached, and the Normal Christian Life
06/04Romans 7, 8, 15Ed Moss
05/28/17How to Prepare to Help a Friend
5/28Ed Moss
05/21/17Testimony and Commissioning
5/21Diane Nosal
05/21/17Persecuted Church Update
Mack and Marcy Morton
05/14/17The Greatest Pursuit - part 2, Tribute to Mothers
05/141 Cor. 13Ed Moss
05/07/17The Greatest Pursuit - 1 Cor 13
05/071 Cor 13Ed Moss
04/30/17The Solution, part 2
04/301 Cor. 1-13Ed Moss
04/23/17The Solution, part 1 - 1 Cor 1-13 Review
04/231 Corinthians 1-13Ed Moss
04/16/17The Confirmation of the Cross (Easter Series, pt 4)
04/16Ed Moss
04/16/17Easter Sunrise Service at Manatee Beach
04/16_SunriseEd Moss
04/14/17The Victory of the Cross (Easter Series, part 3)
04/14Ed Moss
04/09/17The Road to the Cross (Easter Series, part 2)
04/09Ed Moss
04/02/17Before the Light.... Darkness
04/022 Cor. 4:1-6Jonathon Jankovich
03/26/17The Cross (Easter Series, part 1)
03/26Ed Moss
03/19/17How WE Can Lead in 2017
03/19Titus 1-3Ed Moss
03/12/17How to Lead in 2017, part 4
03/12Titus 1-3Ed Moss
03/05/17How to Lead in 2017, part 3
03/05Titus 1-3Ed Moss
02/26/17Elder Ordination
02/26Current Elders
02/19/17How to Lead in 2017, part 2
02/05Titus 1-3Ed Moss
02/12/17The Aroma of the Knowledge of ChristDid not recordGavin Milnthorpe
02/05/17How to Lead in 2017, part 1
02/05Titus 1-3Ed Moss
01/29/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 5
see 01/01Ed Moss
01/22/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 4
see 01/01Ed Moss
01/15/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 3
see 01/01Ed Moss
01/08/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 2
see 01/01Ed Moss
01/01/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 1
01/01Ed Moss

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