2017’s morning messages are below. An easy way to download to your computer is to right-click on the title, or on the “Notes” for the bulletin insert, and choose “save link as” or “save target as.” You’ll find them in your download location.

DateMessage NotesReferenceSpeaker
09/17/17God's Call Regarding Hurricane Irma
09/171 Cor. 16Ed Moss
09/10/17No Service due to Hurricane Irma
09/03/17How the Immortal, Glorious and Victorious Live
09/031 Cor. 16Ed Moss
08/27/17How the Immortal, Glorious and Victorious Invest
08-271 Cor 16Ed Moss
08/20/17Immortal, Glorious and Victorious - part 3
08/201 Cor 15Ed Moss
08/13/17Immortal, Glorious and Victorious - part 2
08/131 Cor. 15Ed Moss
08/06/17Immortal, Glorious, and Victorious
08/061 Cor 15Ed Moss
07/23/17Good News!
07/231 Cor. 15:1-11Ed Moss
07/16/17The Greater Danger for Jesus Followers and the Greatest News
07/161 Cor. 14-15Ed Moss
07/09/17Pursuits, Desires, and Profitability
07/091 Cor. 14Ed Moss
07/02/17How Can I Profit You?
07-021 Cor. 14Ed Moss
06/25/17An Audience of (Way More Than) One
06/251 CorinthiansEd Moss
06/18/17Dear Dad
06/18John 17Jonathon Jankovich
06/11/17How to Prepare to Help a Friend, part 2
06/11Ed Moss
06/04/17Pentecost, the Unreached, and the Normal Christian Life
06/04Romans 7, 8, 15Ed Moss
05/28/17How to Prepare to Help a Friend
5/28Ed Moss
05/21/17Testimony and Commissioning
5/21Diane Nosal
05/21/17Persecuted Church Update
Mack and Marcy Morton
05/14/17The Greatest Pursuit - part 2, Tribute to Mothers
05/141 Cor. 13Ed Moss
05/07/17The Greatest Pursuit - 1 Cor 13
05/071 Cor 13Ed Moss
04/30/17The Solution, part 2
04/301 Cor. 1-13Ed Moss
04/23/17The Solution, part 1 - 1 Cor 1-13 Review
04/231 Corinthians 1-13Ed Moss
04/16/17The Confirmation of the Cross (Easter Series, pt 4)
04/16Ed Moss
04/16/17Easter Sunrise Service at Manatee Beach
04/16_SunriseEd Moss
04/14/17The Victory of the Cross (Easter Series, part 3)
04/14Ed Moss
04/09/17The Road to the Cross (Easter Series, part 2)
04/09Ed Moss
04/02/17Before the Light.... Darkness
04/022 Cor. 4:1-6Jonathon Jankovich
03/26/17The Cross (Easter Series, part 1)
03/26Ed Moss
03/19/17How WE Can Lead in 2017
03/19Titus 1-3Ed Moss
03/12/17How to Lead in 2017, part 4
03/12Titus 1-3Ed Moss
03/05/17How to Lead in 2017, part 3
03/05Titus 1-3Ed Moss
02/26/17Elder Ordination
02/26Current Elders
02/19/17How to Lead in 2017, part 2
02/05Titus 1-3Ed Moss
02/12/17The Aroma of the Knowledge of ChristDid not recordGavin Milnthorpe
02/05/17How to Lead in 2017, part 1
02/05Titus 1-3Ed Moss
01/29/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 5
see 01/01Ed Moss
01/22/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 4
see 01/01Ed Moss
01/15/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 3
see 01/01Ed Moss
01/08/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 2
see 01/01Ed Moss
01/01/17How to Prepare for 2017, part 1
01/01Ed Moss

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